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Coral reef   Food  
Huffington Post  06/10 20:48

Coral reefs host the widest variety of living creatures in the ocean, providing fish with food, homes and protection....

Coal   Coral reef  
Reuters news  04/24 07:06

SYDNEY (Reuters) - Six Greenpeace activists boarded a coal ship bound for South Korea near Australia's Great Barrier Reef on Wednesday, protesting against the expansion of the...

Reuters news  03/24 19:23

OSLO (Reuters) - Climate change is likely to make reef-building stony corals lose out to softer cousins in a damaging shift for many types of fish that use reefs as hideaways ...

Coal   Coral reef  
Reuters news  03/22 06:46

SYDNEY (Reuters) - Environmental campaign group Greenpeace welcomed a new incarnation of their flagship Rainbow Warrior to Sydney on Friday, saying the vessel - whose sails cu...

Reuters news  02/27 05:07

CANBERRA (Reuters) - Coral reefs in shallow ocean waters are far more vulnerable to sea temperature rises blamed on global warming than previously thought, with some areas of ...

Reuters news  02/13 05:15

SYDNEY (Reuters) - For the past two years Australian scientists have been collecting and storing billions of reproductive cells from the Great Barrier Reef, hoping that this "...

Reuters news  01/24 04:56

SYDNEY (Reuters) - Australia has to take swift action to protect the Great Barrier Reef, a UNESCO World Heritage site, amid significant threats from industrial projects as a F...

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